Our 3D Tech
1. HVS [Human Visual System]
A man recognizes all the subjects
His visual recognition is based on the 65mm
of convergence between his two eyes.
Each of them helps him see two separate
images with different angles. In his brain,
the two different images are converged into
one stereo view and then volume and
perspective of an object are recognized. The
natural process of visual recognition has not
been yet replaced by modern technology
represented as photographs, motion pictures,
television etc. Consequently, the technology
answering the need of 3-dimensional imaging
appliances giving more natural feeling has
been continuously developed. 
2. The technological principle of our development.
The light axes'(dotted line in the below figure) motions are changed according to light
refraction caused by a transparent refracting plate and is used to shoot alternately with
left and right images at the speed of 60 shifts per second, which is linked with a camera's
vertical synchronizing signal
■ The incident moving point moved outside of a camera
The incident moving point of the lenses is placed outside of a camera to install reflector
around it by using a set of 16 inner lenses and other optical materials.
→ Minimized reflecting system
→ Accommodating wide picture angle
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