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1. What is 3D Image Solution.

[ HVS : Human Visual System ]
A man see all the objects stereoscopically, which is
possible by keeping the 65mm of inter-pupillary distance
which make two different view to be converged. In other
words, each different angular view from a left and a right eye
are converged in brain to recognize perspective and volume
making seeing stereoscopically.
Despite this natural human visual system, all the images of
pictures, photographs, movies, televisions are 2-
dimensionally displayed; therefore, many researches and
developments have been focused on stereoscopy.
2. Marketability in 3D imaging market

In the 3 Dimensional Imaging Industry, 3D display sector has been developed by major

electronics company such as Samsung, LG, Sony, etc, but 3D image-capturing sector is a

lot to be desired.

As the cost rising for the change from 2D to 3D display is expected to be not so high, the

demand of the TV sets with 3D displaying module will be increased.

In case of 3D image capturing, however, using the current camera system requires a special
equipment, called a rig, to which two cameras are needed to be mounted. It is also

time-consuming and costly work to set up two cameras to the rig, which ,at a moderate ,

estimate, spends 8 hours setting up for one-hour shooting.

The setup includes the exact arrangement of two cameras, which is also a problem to

consume excessive time for the synchronization of the cameras, because even a small

failure of the arrangement causes dizziness and uncomfortableness during viewing.

Hence, the need of the 3D cameras that can be operated like 2D cameras arose in order to

et rid of the problems. Wasol's technology make it possible to save production cost,

secure mobility, broadcast live performance, and use other related equipment

3. Marketability in 3D imaging market
• Broadcast/Film Production:
▶ Applicable to various 3D contents production
ㆍ3D movie      ㆍ3D TV show      ㆍ3D commercial
ㆍ3D Live Broadcasting for performances and sports events
ㆍ3D promotion films for companies and institutes
ㆍ3D video for education
▶ the current number of 3D movie theaters in the
world is 1,000 times as many as five years ago.

3D movie market volume in the U. S, has increased by around

30 times as high as that of five years ago, the year of 2005.

The '2009 Movie Industry Statistics' in the recent report by

MPAA hows that the 2009 ticket revenue in the U. S.

3D movie theaters was around 1,140million dollars, which is

28.5 times as high as 40 million dollars in 2005.

The number of screens for 3D movies in the world is 8,989,

which is also more than 1,000 times as many as 84 in 2005.
• 3D Video Conference :
Video conference saves time and cost by reducing the
number of business trips, which increase work efficiency.
For Cisco Co, increased video meetings that have replaced

 overseas business make the company save 100 million

 dollars a yearly travelling cost.
An survey institute say that 75% of global companies are
 utilizing or planning to introduce video conference system
 in order to replace the business trips.
The video conference system can develop not only
 business meeting section but an video private tutoring
 system in which a lecture image in the head office of an
 education company can be distributed to all the chain
• Personal Devices :
Personal cameras/camcoders can be developed and
 distributed to the armatures who enjoy shooting or
 producing 3D images and pictures.
We can use 3D imaging devices not only in personal
 camcoders but also in home entertainment such as mobile
 phones, Nintendo DS, PSP, etc.
•  Educational, Medical, Space, Military, and Other Industrial Goods requiring 3D images.
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