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1. What merits can a 3 dimensional endoscope bring to you?
• It provides realistic views with any practitioners including interns and residents, which make them save time of learning endoscopy.
• It produces the data on depth and volume to make the operation time reduced.
• It makes precise operations on tiny subjects much easier.
2. The basic principle of stereoscopy
Two cameras set horizontally apart at 65 mm work like two eyes of a human; one camera
represents a right eye and the other a left one. This simple condition creates a stereoscopic
[Basic principle of steroscopy]
3. Problems of existing stereoscopy
Since they are separated, the existing two-camera stereoscopy basically causes a discordance of brightness, color, image quality between each camera. It is difficult to control the synchronizing operation of each camera like in zooming and focusing, aligning the two images in left-and-right and up-and-down directions, discordance of macro, view revolving, etc. Those discordances bring headache and dizziness to users and prevent them to use the stereoscope system for long time, which is a crucial point in an operation like laparoscopy.
The structural problems of the system make impossible to set two cameras closely at less then 6mm for a close-up shooting to tiny objects in order to observe any objects precisely.
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