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 2010 Seoul Digital Forum 3D Shooting and James Cameron 3D Interview
Date :

2010 Seoul Digital Forum

Seoul Digital Forum is nonprofit international forum that for reading current trend,
sharing inspiration to make innovation and offering future prospect.

Every year, the first class guest speakers who lead
T.I.M.E.(Technology, Information, Media and Entertainment) industry
and global issue are invited at this forum.
They discuss global revolution of knowledge and changes of industry to offer
future prospect.

It is contributing to narrowing the knowledge gap in the digital era,
solving social issue and making economic development by sharing keen insight
that leaders from various circles suggest about future.

Wasol & Co. filmed Seoul Digital Forum and had an interview
with director, James Cameron using 3D82 LenSys system with SBS
who host this Forum.

This interview is an exclusive interview with James Cameron
who open 3D film market by the movie "Avatar" in the world.

Wasol & Co. was shooting a film not only by 2D, also by 3D using 3D82 LenSys.

Director, James Cameron is having interview.

Before starting Digital Forum, James Cameron is watching the equipment, 3D82 LenSys which is developed by Wasol & Co.LTD

While James Cameron addresses in public, SBS director, Seo, Deuk-won is shooting the whole place by 3D.



This is 3D82 LenSys system owned by Wasol & Co. for exclusive interview with Director, James Cameron.

Director, James Cameron is having interview.


After having interview, James Cameron is showing interest
and asking some questions, watching films shooted
by Wasol & Co.'s 3D82 LenSys.


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