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2009 KES(Korea Electronics Show), the biggest IT exhibition in Korea had been

held from Oct. 13 through 16, 2009 at KINTEX in Ilsan, Kyung-ki do.
The show also provided 'World 3D Expo' for visitors to experience the recently
pervading 3D related products and technology as well as the up-to-date electronics
and IT industry.
'World 3D Expo 2009' was separated into the sections of 'International 3D Fair
2009‘ and ’3DIT 2009’ which included a 3D related exhibition, movie-showings and
a workshops. Those activities had been separatedly provided but, for the first time,
they were held together in which Korea, China, Japan and the US participated.
In the 'World 3D Expo 2009’, the 3D camera presented by Wasol Co., Ltd.
was the topic of the activities by viewing the perfectly converged 3D real
time and demonstration pictures free from dizziness
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